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Guide to Congo's Untouched Lands

Updated: Apr 18

Kinshasa-Mbandaka-Kisangani-Garamba National Park-Kampala

Welcome to the beautiful and largely untouched land of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). Located in central Africa, the DRC is the second-largest country on the continent.

Despite its immense size and potential, the DRC remains relatively unexplored by tourists due to a complex history of political instability and conflicts. However, this presents an incredible opportunity for adventurous travelers to embark on a once-in-a-lifetime journey to discover the hidden gems of this vast land.

So, if you are seeking a truly extraordinary travel experience, embark on a thrilling journey through DRC's unexplored landscapes, encounter rare wildlife, and connect with the warm and welcoming Congolese people.


  • Please note that the mentioned time frames for each part of the itinerary are rough estimates and subject to change. Some days might require more time due to unforeseen circumstances, while others may be cut short depending on various factors.

  • The first segment of the trip involves using a boat which is purpose-built in the Congolese tradition, equipped with an outboard engine.

  • The second part of the trip involves using a motorbike, also known as a motorcycle. Motorbikes are popular for their speed, agility, and flexibility.

  • Some evenings and nights are spent in tents on the ground, allowing for exchange with local people in the villages.

  • It may not always be possible to adhere strictly to specific diets during the trip. Local dishes consist of fish, beans and rice.

  • During the trip, there'll be certain locations or scenarios where you will experience a lack of network or internet connectivity for a number of days.

  • We encourage our participants to be physically prepared for this trip as it may present occasional challenges requiring a level of fitness.

Let’s get into details;

PART ONE: Kinshasa to Mbandanka (10 days)

Upon arrival in Kinshasa, spend two days exploring the city and experiencing the vibrant Sapeur culture. The Sapeurs, SAPE or dandyism, is a very popular urban subcultural movement in Kinshasa. They use fashion as a form of escapism, transforming their appearance into a symbol of dignity, pride, and resistance to their challenging surroundings.

Additionally, immerse yourself in the thrilling voodoo wrestling activities, a unique and lively local tradition. This style of wrestling combines elements of traditional African rituals, voodoo spirituality, and theatrical performances, making it distinct from other wrestling styles around the world.

After the initial days in Kinshasa, proceed to Mbandaka by boat. The journey on the boat itself is an adventure, with opportunities to interact with locals, learning about their traditional customs, and enjoying their music and dance.

It is important to note that some days on the boat may be chilly, as the weather can vary. Therefore, it is advisable to pack appropriate clothing to ensure your comfort throughout the journey.

In terms of diet during this part of the trip, the main food items are fish, beans, and posho (a type of maize porridge). You will have the opportunity to taste the local cuisine and experience the flavors of the region firsthand.

PART TWO: Motorbike Experience (10 days)

In this part of the journey, you will be exploring the region between Mbandanka and Kisangani using a motorbike. The main activities on this route will involve visiting the Pygmies who reside in the forests and exploring religious sects like ‘Mama Yange’ Prophet and her followers.

The adventure begins in Mbandanka, and from there, you will embark on an exhilarating motorbike ride through muddy and narrow roads. These conditions will make the journey challenging, but also exciting for thrill-seekers who enjoy off-road experiences.

As you ride along, your main highlights will consist of visiting the Pygmies, a group of indigenous people who live in the forests of this region. This cultural exchange will provide you with a unique opportunity to learn about their traditional way of life, their beliefs, and their customs. You will have the chance to camp in the forest with the Pygmies, experiencing firsthand their day-to-day activities and immersing yourself in their rich heritage.

Additionally, you will have the opportunity to explore religious sects such as ‘Mama Yange’ Prophet and her followers. These sects may have unique practices and beliefs, and by visiting them, you will gain insight into their spiritual traditions and their way of life. It is important to approach these visits with an open mind and respect for their cultures.

PART THREE: Kisangani-Garamba National Park-Kampala (10 days)

During the third part of the journey, which will take place over a duration of 10 days, the focus will be on reaching Garamba National Park. This particular national park is known for being one of the most remote in Africa. The journey will involve exploring the border between the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), Sudan, and Uganda.

To begin this leg of the trip, you will travel from Kisangani to Kampala, the capital city of Uganda. However, the main highlight of this part of the journey will be the Garamba National Park itself. This park is a combination of woodland and savanna landscapes, providing a diverse ecosystem.

Throughout your time in Garamba National Park, various activities await you. You will have the opportunity to explore the park, observe wildlife, and witness the breathtaking natural beauty. This remote park offers a unique and immersive experience for nature enthusiasts and adventurers alike.


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