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Burundi, Rwanda, DRC, Uganda

14 Days In Great Lakes

14 Days In Great Lakes

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Burundi, Rwanda, DRC, Uganda

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Welcome in the panoramic Great lakes of Africa. During those 14 days you will explore almost what Africa offers in general. From the rich Rwanda History and culture experience to the authentic and natural Congo lifestyle. From the green landscapes, Nile river source pyramid of Burundi countryside to the spectacular wild animals in Uganda, you will have that one life time experience closer to the famous mountain and lowland gorillas, chimpanzees, big five animals and a number of experiences with different indigenous tribes….

Day 1 : Arriving in Burundi

  • You will meet Mr Audace Ndabahawe, our very own representative in Bujumbura who will greet you in style and respect. He speaks English and French very well in additional to his local and community leadership experience. He will take you to the Hotel where you will rest.
  • If time allows, you will visit the downtown before retiring in your bed.

Day 2 : Gitega and Speke pyramid

  • After breakfast, you will do a short city tour and visit the splendid Tanganyika Beach before driving to Gitega area in the countryside. You will have to meet the local community in farming style deployed in the very green hills along way…Continuing to the source of the Nile as discovered by SPEKE and stopover at his pyramid to show the root of the longest river in the world. After what you will have lunch and test the local beer in Gitega city before driving back to Bujumbura.
  • Over evening, retire in your 3 stars Hotel.

Day 3 : Driving to Rwanda

  • After a taken-at-normal-time breakfast, you will drive some 4 or 5 hours up to the Rwanda border and cross immediately. You will meet our precious guide (Obed) in Rwanda who will take care of you until the last minutes of your trip.
  • After crossing, you will have Lunch in Nyamata city at 50 km from Kigali. After what you will continue driving toward Kigali where you will retire in your Hotel.
  • Over evening, before sleeping, you can test the local restaurant and enjoy a walk on the cleanest streets in Africa.

Day 4 : Kigali to Nyungwe

  • After breakfast, you will do a short Kigali city tour and visit the Kigali Genocide Memorial, where you will travel in the history and experience the bloodiest and recent genocide of the humanity. From here you will be amazed by the great success of a tiny and poor country like Rwanda has managed to build above the fresh wounds.
  • After what, you will start driving toward the biggest tropical rain forest in East Africa, and the home of 20% of African wide monkeys.
  • Reaching there around 3 pm, you will get out of the car and start walking in the bottom of the forest and challenge yourself by walking on an extended above the forest canopy that will give an endless view of the dark forest in which monkeys and endemic spectacular bed fly from tree to tree.
  • Over evening, you will retire in the eco lodge near the forest.

Day 6 : Nyungwe to Bukavu

  • After breakfast, you will trek the famous colobus monkeys known as white tie monkeys in their natural environment. They live in colony and used to fly from branch to branch. They are among the attractive in 13 species found in Nyungwe Forest National Park.
  • After trekking, you will drive to Congo border and stopover in Rusizi town for lunch. You will get your fresh food in one of the local restaurants at the edge of lake Kivu shores.
  • After what you will cross to Democratic Republic of Congo and check in the hotel immediately
  • Before the sunset, we can walk for a short Bukavu city tour and experience the Congolese lifestyle in their daily activities.

Day 7: Lowland Gorillas Trekking

  • After an early breakfast, with your packed lunch, you will have to drive 1 hours to Tchivanga gorilla trekking post in Kahuzi-Biega National Park where you will get briefing and start trekking the famous lowland gorillas in their authentic home. Living in a family, you will trek one of the existing families in the park and get back to Tchivanga post for a comment about your experience.
  • After trekking, you will drive to Bukavu city and retire in the Hotel.

Day 8 : Bukavu to Goma Via Idjwi Island

  • After breakfast, you will get at the port for taking a speed boat to Idjwi Island which is the largest Africa landlocked Island. In the island, you will meet pygmies tribe with whom you will have an experience by visiting their village on the island and try the local boat near the green lake kivu side.
  • After lunch at a local restaurant, you will wait for the speed boat to take you to Go